Humanities greatest enemy has escaped the maze, and is wreaking havoc on the last pocket of resistance.

Take control of there last city on earth, and fight the last hoard. You will need to be willing to sacrifice everything to achieve this...

This is my entry into the WOWIE Jam 3.0. It follows the theme of:


Would love to hear some feedback!


Given the short scale of this jam (2 days) i have used some assets from brilliant artists across the internet. A list is shown below. Thank you so much for putting these ont he internet for anyone to use, you are legends!


Enemy Sprite:

Crowd Sound Effect: "Crowd Screaming, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of

Player Unit Sprites:

Map Tiles:

Spoilers for the game:

In order to complete this game, you must sacrifice some of you health in order to learn about the enemy. Without doing this, you cannot win. Therefore, failing initially at the game is better for the long term.

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip the file and run the .exe file

Linux: Same as above

Other is an android dist. To install this, download and press install on your android phone.


Download 50 MB
Download 37 MB
tine_3.apk 45 MB


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Nice basic game. Could be something good if you try to keep updating it. 


Thanks! I made it for a game jam, like a few of the ideas in it but am not sure it holds up by itself as a game to be honest. Might re-use some of the ideas in another game at some point though.